Austin No Kill Workshop

by admin on July 26, 2010

We hope you will join us on September 28, 2010, 8:30am to 5:30pm at the Westin Austin at the Domain for a No Kill Workshop featuring inspirational and informational talks by the nation’s preeminent no kill experts:

  1. Bonney Brown, Executive Director of the Nevada Humane Society
  2. Susanne Kogut, Executive Director of the Charlottesville SPCA
    Expanding your foster program
  3. Mike Fry, Executive Director of Animal Ark of Minnesota
    TNR and community cats
  4. Nathan Winograd, Executive Director of the No Kill Advocacy Center
    Inspirational no-kill stories
  5. Dr. Ellen Jefferson, Executive Director of Austin Pets Alive!
    Nuts & Bolts of Adoptions: Off-site, on-line & more
  6. Michael Mountain, Co-Founder and Past President of Best Friends Animal Society
    Fundraising for animal welfare
  7. Dr. Linda Wolf, Veterinarian and Expert Behaviorist
    Temperament testing for dogs
  8. Mitch Schneider, Director of the Washoe County Animal Services
    Increasing returns to owners

Discounted room rental rate at the Westin Austin at the Domain is $129 per night.

Lunch will be provided and you have the choice of a vegetarian or vegan lunch.

Tickets are sold out

Email [email protected] for questions about the event.

This workshop is hosted by the Baton Rouge Area Foundation, the James J. Wolf Family Foundation for Animals, the Animal Ark of Minnesota, Animal Wise Radio,, and the No Kill Advocacy Center.

Supporters include the Alamo Area Partners for Animal Welfare, Austin Pets Alive!, the Animal Defense League, the Austin No Kill Coalition, the Central Texas Animal Alliance, Love-a-Bull, No Kill Houston, the San Antonio Area Foundation, Town Lake Animal Center, and the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter.

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Jennifer Rowland November 9, 2011 at 3:17 am

I wrote you 3 days ago wanting to know about Nathan Winograd. I found the page on your website about the workshop (which I hate I missed) where he was one of your speakers. So I am safe in saying that his model is the one Austin followed? Is it the only model Austin followed? I am working with some very hard headed people and I want to have my facts straight when I confront them with this information. PLEASE have someone contact me. We desperately need change in the animal sheltering system in Houston.


Trevion January 5, 2012 at 12:16 am

It’s always a relief when someone with ovibous expertise answers. Thanks!


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